Project Editor
PROJECT EDITOR is simple utility for defining the project and object properties. 
Data is entered and displayed in SI units (second, meter, kg, meter/second etc.). Position data is defined in (x,y,z) components and velocity data is defined in (x,y,z) vector components in Cartesian coordinate system. 
Initial texture image is def.bmp . There are also some texture images in ‘SOLAR SYSTEM’ folder but other texture images can be used - recommended size is 1024x512, 720x360 or 512x256 pixels. 
In order to use textures in Gravity Nu all texture bitmap images defined (except ‘def.bmp’) should be located in the same folder as the project file. 
Once existing project is opened or new project is started objects can be added, deleted , moved up or moved down in list. 
Selected object data field can be edited by double click (mouse left button). On double click on the field,, pop up dialog will be shown in which data can be edited. When ENTER is pressed or SAVE button is selected data is transferred to list. If CANCEL is pressed or EXIT button is selected data edit is canceled. 
Saved project file can be immediately opened in Gravity Nu main software - this can be done after every change (all applications, Gravity Nu, Impulse Editor and Project Editor can be opened at the same time).  
  • data numbers are formatted in scientific notation (example : 1.123456123456E12) with 12 digit precision after decimal separator and variable type is FLOAT (EXT) with range of : +/- 4.19e-307 to 1.79e308 
  • UNITS for data are : x,y,z position in m, x,y,z velocity in m/s, mass in kg, density in kg/m3 
  • position and velocities data is defined in (x,y,z) vector components in Cartesian coordinate system. 
  • two objects cannot occupy same point in space - position (XYZ) cannot be the same